Light amplification by stimulating emission of radiation (dazzling laser) for the Indian Navy

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India’s Defence and Aerospace Company has received a contract to amplify light by stimulating emission of radiation (dazzling laser) for the Indian Navy, and under the contract, the company will initially supply 20 Laser Dazzlers, which will be manufactured at the company’s Pune facility.

The “dazzling laser” is used as a “non-lethal method” to stop suspicious unmanned vehicles, aircraft, and aerial vehicles, and not to allow them to approach secured areas.

The “dazzling laser” is also capable of “dazzling”, which helps in disrupting or obstructing the performance of a person or the optical sensor with “the glare of obstruction in the event of non-compliance with orders.”

The weapon system is portable, durable for military use. Laser dazzle technology was developed by India’s Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO).

In a separate development, the Indian Ministry of Defence signed a contract with BEL to purchase ten Lynx U2 systems for fighting warship fires.

Al Jundi

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