Kronstadt Reveals Loyal Wingman Concept

Kronstadt’s Grom UAS mockup is a concept for a loyal wingman that would target an enemy’s air defence systems ahead of Russian manned fighters.
The Grom is intended as an unmanned “loyal wingman” that will fly in front of a group of manned aircraft to pave the way through an enemy’s air defence system using anti-radiation missiles.

According to the company, the manned fighter can guide three or four Grom unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). The Grom also can destroy surface targets and conduct reconnaissance and electronic jamming. It can carry weapons weighing up to 500 kg (1,100 lb.): two inside the fuselage and two suspended from underwing pylons, up to a total of 2 tons. The Grom is to be powered by two 2,500-kg-thrust (5,500-lb.) AI-222-25 turbofans, also used by the Yak-130 jet combat trainer.

Al Jundi

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