Korean army to test operationally its Redback advanced armored vehicle

The South Korean military is planning to operationally test the newly developed”Redback” armored vehicle, to verify its performance for a possible future deployment.

The new model, developed by Hanwha Defense, a South Korean defense manufacturer, is now under review by Australia, after it was shortlisted for the $4.6 billion Canberra project to purchase new infantry fighting vehicles. Australia will select the winning bidder by next year.

Hanwha reports that the military is expected to be able to verify key technologies and performance of the advanced armored vehicle, and see if the component or its core technologies can be adopted when it pushes for next-generation combat vehicles in the future.

The company stated that the “Redback”, which weighs 40 tons, can carry 11 people, and has a top speed of 65 kilometers per hour.

Al Jundi

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