Jordan acquires 8 F-16 Block 70 aircraft

Jordan has officially signed a letter of offer and acceptance for the purchase of 8 new F-16 Block 70 aircraft.

“This F-16 acquisition reflects over 70 years of U.S. cooperation and decades of partnership with Lockheed Martin,” says Aimee Burnett, vice president, Integrated Fighter Group Business Development. “Our history partnering with Jordan strengthens regional security and helps protect citizens through 21st Century Security technologies that support critical missions today and into the future”, she added.

“The selection of new production F-16 aircraft extends Jordan’s existing fleet of F-16s, bringing advanced capabilities to the mission combined with affordable operating and lifecycle costs”, Aimee explained. Jordan’s new F-16s will be built in Greenville once the contract is finalized.

Al Jundi

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