Japan builds advanced combat ships

The Mitsubishi Heavy Industries shipyard in Nagasaki announced that it has launched and commissioned a modern combat frigate for service in the Japanese Navy.

The company had started manufacturing the first ship of the 30FFM class at one of its shipyards in Okuyama, Japan, and launched it into the waters in November last year. The second ship was built at the company’s dock in Nagasaki, and was launched into the water last March.

According to the information received from MHI, the ship that was recently launched into the water was 132.5 m long, 16.3 m wide, and has a displacement of 5,500 tons. It will also be equipped with engines that enable it to move at a speed of 30 knots.

This ship will be able to carry a crew of 90 people, as well as it will be armed with 127 mm cannons, anti-ship missiles with a range of 400 km, 12.7 mm machine guns, 324 mm torpedoes, and is equipped with platforms to carry naval military helicopters.

Al Jundi

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