Italy Buys Amphibious Armored Vehicles For The Navy

Last December, the Italian Navy ordered 36 Amphibious Armored Vehicles (VBA) personnel carriers from the Iveco Defence Vehicles (IDV) to modernize its fleet.

The contract came as part of the program to renew and extend the vehicles’ fleet and enhance the National Capability of the Italian Navy.

Furthermore, the Amphibious Armored Vehicles (VBA) personnel carriers can operate in rough terrain as well as move on water at a speed of approximately 11 km / h.

The VBA’s armour can protect the crew and soldiers inside it against bullets from medium and light weapons and mine fragments.

The vehicles are equipped with a remote-controlled HITROLE Light turret, 40 mm grenade launchers and 5.56, 7.62 and 12.7 mm machine guns.

Al Jundi

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