Italian Army to introduce next-generation capabilities with the AW169

The delivery of the first of two AW169‭ ‬twin-engine training helicopters to the Italian Army heralds the start of a new programme‭ ‬–‭ ‬the Light Utility Helicopter‭ (‬LUH‭), ‬a platform that enables a step-change in capability to the operator and the country‭.‬

This next-generation training helicopters will train crews in preparation for the transition to the new advanced multirole LUH helicopter‭, ‬developed on the AW169‭ ‬dual-use baseline specifically for the Italian Army‭.‬

The LUH configuration will leverage the AW169M military helicopter baseline‭, ‬developed to meet the specific needs of the Italian‭ ‬government operators‭. ‬One single new-generation platform which is aimed at progressively replacing a range of ageing types in different classes‭. ‬The AW169’s mission systems‭, ‬equipment‭, ‬avionics‭, ‬sensors and airframe‭, ‬as well as other specific features‭, ‬can all be adapted to the operator’s needs‭, ‬while a common baseline imparts advantages in interoperability‭, ‬logistics and training‭.‬

Al Jundi

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