Israel displays a new missile

The Israeli company Rafael showcased for the first time the precision-guided missile system, Sea Breaker, at the DSEI Defense Exhibition, which took place from 14-17 September 2021 in London.

Designed to take on the challenges of the modern battlefield, Sea Breaker is a naval force and artillery- multiplier, a stealth cruise missile launched from naval vessels to bombard land and sea targets.

It has a range of 300 km and is equipped with a warhead of 110 kg. The missile is guided by inertial INS, a GPS global-positioning system and an advanced thermal seeker IIR that allows it to hit the target with high accuracy.

Sea Breaker can be launched from offshore platforms, of various sizes, from fast attack missile boats, and corvettes and frigates. The land version is a central part of coastal defense, thanks to the highly mobile Rafael SPYDER launchers.





Al Jundi

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