Indonesia enhances its naval fleet with two new ships

Indonesia has added to its navy a new warship, in addition to another ship which it will use as a floating hospital for maritime rescue operations.

The new warship, called the KRI Golok-688, is a Klewang-class fast attack ship designed by PT Lundin Industry Invest.

As for the floating hospital, it was built in the Indonesian shipyard PT PAL under the name (KRI Dr. Wahidin Sudirohusodo 999).

The medical ship is an upgraded version of the landing ships “Makasar”, of which there are many vessels in the Indonesian army, with a length of 124 meters and a width of 21.8 meters. It can sail at a speed of 18 knots, and travel a distance of 10,000 nautical miles on each mission.

This ship can carry a crew of 120 people and accommodate 66 medical personnel. It is also equipped with an emergency room to accommodate emergency cases, a surgical operation room, an x-ray room, and small rescue boats and platforms for carrying helicopters.

Al Jundi

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