Indian company completes first successful flight test of Akash missile

A new version of the Indian Akash missile was successfully tested, in which the target was intercepted and destroyed. The target used was an unmanned aerial target, simulating enemy aircraft, in the first flight test of the missile after its improvements.

Special ITR stations, which include radars, electro-optical tracking systems (EOTS) and stations to measure the missile trajectory during the test process.

It is worth noting that “Akash” is a mobile medium-range surface-to-air missile system, developed by the Defense Research and Development Organization, and produced by Bharat Dynamics Limited.

The Akash missile system can deal with aircraft with a range of 50-80 km (31-50 miles) at altitudes of up to 18,000 m.

It has the ability to neutralize air targets such as combat aircraft, cruise and air-to-surface missiles, as well as ballistic missiles.


Al Jundi

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