Indian Army’s T-72, T-90 tanks to get indigenous Armour Piercing ammunition

Indian Army’s T-72 and T-90 tanks will soon get indigenous 125mm Armour Piercing Fin Stabilised Discarding-Sabot (APFSDS) ammunition for their main gun. The decision to go for indigenous development and production of the ammunition, which will substantially enhance the enemy armour penetration capability, was taken at a Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) meeting in New Delhi.

The decision to go for indigenous ammunition for the Russian-origin T-72 and T-90 tanks is yet another push to the ‘Make in India’ initiative,

There are 2011 T-90 tanks with the Indian Army while the T-72s number 2414. Indian Army is already in the process of buying 464 T-90MS Main Battle Tanks. Indian Army already has the T-90S tanks but the T-90MS is the most lethal variant of the tank and is in service with the Russian Army.

Al Jundi

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