India tests a laser-guided ATGM from the Arjun MBT main battle tank

According to a report by PTI‭, ‬a domestically developed laser-guided anti-tank missile was successfully tested‭. ‬This is the second successful test of the missile‭, ‬which has a range of 5‭ ‬km‭. ‬The anti-tank guided missile was launched on October 20‭, ‬2020‭ ‬by the KK Ranges main battle tank‭, ‬the ATGM was uses a tandem heat-seeking warhead to defeat protected armored vehicles‭.‬

The ATGM can be launched from multiple platforms and is currently undergoing technical evaluation trials with a 120mm launcher‭.‬

This laser-guided missile was developed by the Research and Development Corporation‭ (‬ARDE‭) ‬in cooperation with the High Energy Materials Research Laboratory‭ (‬HEMRL‭).‬

ATGM is a long‭, ‬cylindrical lightweight missile equipped with four fins around its center and is fitted with a high-explosive anti-tank warhead‭. ‬The missile is about 1,300‭ ‬mm long and about 120‭ ‬mm in diameter with an aluminum and carbon fiber launch tube and a foldable tripod‭. ‬The ATGM missile is equipped with integrated infrared sensor and avionics‭.‬

Al Jundi

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