India successfully test fires K-4 Ballistic Missile

India has successfully test-fired 3,500‭ ‬km strike range nuclear capable submarine-launched K-4‭ ‬ballistic missile off coast of Andhra Pradesh‭. ‬The missile under development by DRDO will be equipped on indigenous INS Arihant-class nuclear-powered submarines‭ ‬of Navy‭.‬
The missile test-firing to a range of around 1,500‭ ‬km was carried out from an underwater platform in the sea on Jan‭. ‬19‭, ‬2020‭, ‬sources said‭. ‬The nuclear triad includes capability to launch nuclear weapons from air‭, ‬surface and underwater platforms and the‭ ‬submarine launched capability is considered to be the strongest and best for the task‭.‬
The missile is being developed for being deployed on the fleet of the Arihant Class nuclear submarines being built by India‭. ‬India is expected to carry out more tests of the missile before it is ready for being equipped on the nuclear submarines‭. ‬At the moment‭, ‬only the first nuclear boat INS Arihant is operational for the Navy‭.‬
K-4‭ ‬is one of the two underwater missiles that were being developed by DRDO‭. ‬The other one is the over 700‭ ‬kilometre strike range BO-5‭ ‬missile‭. ‬ ‬

Al Jundi

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