India develops “Tejas MK-II” advanced fighter

India has unveiled its new advanced fighter the “Tejas MK-II”, which is scheduled to take its maiden flight in 2023 and enter the production line by 2025-2026.

Depending on the model, the fighter requires one or two crew members (a pilot and a navigator).  The fighter is 14.6 meters long, 8.5 meters wide, and 4.8 meters high, with an empty weight of 7.8 tons, gross weight of 11.3 tons, and maximum take-off weight of 17.5 tons with an external payload of weapons and additional fuel tanks up to 6.5 tons.

The fighter is powered by an American General Electric F1414 engine, which is the same engine used in the American F-18 fighters, the Korean fifth-generation fighters, and the Swedish Saab fighter.

India says it will equip the fighter with a local ESA radar and electronic warfare systems, and it can carry an Israeli, American, or French pod for on-demand monitoring and targeting.

Al Jundi

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