India develops new generation of unmanned submarines

The Indian Ministry of Defence has launched a project to design and develop large, multi-purpose unmanned submarines called XLUUVs. Each XLUUV submarine will be 50 metres long, around 5 meters wide, and weigh 300 tonnes.

Domestically made, the XLUUVs are designed to be multi-purpose, performing tasks such as reconnaissance, detection and combat against enemy ships and submarines, as well as naval mine countermeasures.

The new submarines are expected to be capable of carrying 10 tonnes of various weapons and can be equipped with two platforms for launching 533mm torpedoes.

Furthermore, these submarines will be equipped with technologies that allow them to communicate with satellites, ships, submarines and naval bases. They will also be fitted with advanced sonar systems, electro-optical and infrared cameras, and will be able to move underwater at a speed of 8 knots.


Al Jundi

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