HQ-9B air defense system

HQ-9B is a Chinese-made medium to long-range surface-to-air air defense system that operates with active built-in radar, similar in its capabilities to the Russian S-300 and American Patriot systems.

The HQ-9B system contains an anti-radiation version known as the FT-2000.

The HQ-9B consists of one Type 305B search radar, one tracking radar, a truck with a 200-kilowatt diesel generator unit and eight launchers (TELs) each with 4 missiles, with a total of 32 ready-to-launch missiles, and one Type-120 radar to search for low-flying targets, and the HT-233 PEAS long-range search radar. The HQ-9B has a maximum speed of Mach 4.2.

To reduce cost, the HQ-9B is designed to be flexible enough to use a wide range of radars; search, surveillance, acquisition, tracking, engagement and firefighting radars.

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