HENSOLDT to develop new AESA-Radar for the German Eurofighter fleet

Sensor systems supplier HENSOLDT has welcomed recent decision by the German Bundestag(House of Representatives) to develop the new AESA (= Active Electronic Scanning Array) radar for the entire German Eurofighter fleet as a positive signal for Germany as a technology base and for successful European cooperation in the defence sector.
“This high-tech new radar will give the Bundeswehr(armed forces) the equipment it needs to respond to new threats. In addition, it is a signal for Europe that Germany is investing in a technology that is of crucial importance for European defence cooperation”, said HENSOLDT CEO Thomas Müller.
With the release of the budget for the development, production and integration of a new radar for the Eurofighter combat aircraft – HENSOLDT’s share is over 1.5 billion euros – the Bundestag’s Budget Committee has cleared the way for the modernization of the Eurofighter in one crucial area, sensor technology. In contrast to the development of the radar to date in a consortium under British leadership, radar system responsibility will now pass into the hands of the German radar house HENSOLDT.

Al Jundi

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