HENSOLDT Presenting a Range of Integrated Airborne Solutions

Rapidly the changing and evolving geo-political landscapes in Asia Pacific motivated HENSOLDT‭, ‬a world leader in missile and laser warning systems‭, ‬to shape modernisation of air capabilities‭. ‬
HENSOLDT focuses on the sensor solutions deployed on various platforms‭, ‬including helicopters‭, ‬aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles‭. ‬Among its main areas of activity in the realm of the aerospace are air defence‭, ‬mission management‭, ‬self-defence of aircraft‭, ‬signal intelligence and data link as well as identification-friend-or-foe‭ (‬IFF‭) ‬solutions and avionics computers‭, ‬including‭,‬‭ ‬the SferiRec LCR 100‭ ‬flight data recorder‭, ‬the Lygarion data Link and the MILDS missile warning sensor‭.‬
‭ ‬“Kalaetron”‭ ‬is a fully integrated signals intelligence‭ (‬SIGINT‭). ‬It provides warning against radar threats but can also be used for strategic signals intelligence in an enhanced configuration‭. ‬Due to its fully digital design‭, ‬the new radar warner detects and identifies threats incredibly quickly and with a very low false alarm rate‭, ‬over an extremely wide frequency range‭. ‬

Al Jundi

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