GNPP Region Introduces New GBUs To Global Market

In a modern combat environment, ‬the use of guided bomb units (‬GBUs‭) ‬has become a traditional method of warfare‭. ‬The experience gathered during the Russian operations in Syria has apparently demonstrated the effectiveness of this type of ALW‭ ‬–‭ ‬air-launched weapon‭.‬
JSC Scientific‭ & ‬Production Enterprise‭ (‬GNPP‭) ‬Region‭ (‬a subsidiary of the Tactical Missiles Corporation‭ (‬KTRV‭) ‬has developed a family of new GBUs that comprises several weapons with a weight between 250‭ ‬kg and 1,500‭ ‬kg‭.‬
GNPP Region has begun delivering two new extended-range GBUs‭, ‬namely‭, ‬the K08BE‭ (‬500‭ ‬kg‭) ‬and the UPAB-1500B-E or K029BE‭ (‬1,500‭ ‬kg‭), ‬to the Russian Aerospace Forces‭ (‬VKS‭). ‬“Both bombs have passed through all their trials and are being delivered to the VKS’‭ ‬units‭,‬”‭ ‬GNPP Region director general Igor Krylov told the press‭. ‬Moreover‭, ‬export contracts for these items have been signed‭, ‬with the‭ ‬beginning of deliveries scheduled for 2020‭.‬
The UPAB-1500B-E gliding guided bomb is designed to engage ground and surface low-size hardened targets‭. ‬The munition has been fitted with a folding X-type middle wing with delta-shaped panels‭. ‬The bomb’s tail features four fins‭. ‬The UPAB-1500B-E is 5.05‭ ‬meters long and has a diameter of 0.4‭ ‬meters‭. ‬The bomb weighs 1,525‭ ‬kg and carries a 1,010-kg concrete-piercing high-explosive warhead‭. ‬The bomb can be dropped at a distance of up to 50‭ ‬km from an aircraft flying at an altitude of up to 15‭ ‬km‭. ‬The munition has been fitted with an inertial-satellite navigation system that provides‭ ‬a CEP‭ (‬circular error probable‭) ‬of no more than 10‭ ‬meters‭. ‬The GBU’s warhead features a programmable fuse with three time delay modes‭.‬
The K08BE guided bomb carries an inertial-satellite navigation system and a 390-kg high-explosive warhead‭. ‬The munition is designed to engage weapon systems‭, ‬military vehicles‭, ‬and infrastructure targets‭. ‬The bomb weighs 505‭ ‬kg‭, ‬is 2.84‭ ‬meters long‭, ‬and has a diameter of 0.355‭ ‬mm‭. ‬It can be dropped at a distance of up to 40‭ ‬km from an aircraft flying at an altitude of up to 14‭ ‬km‭. ‬The bomb has a CEP of no more than 10‭ ‬meters‭. ‬The K08BE features a fuse with three time delay modes‭. ‬The weapon has received an‭ ‬X-type middle wing with trapezoidal panels and an X-type tail plane‭.‬
The new bombs can be deployed by the Su-30SM‭ ‬“Flanker-H”‭ ‬and Su-35‭ ‬multirole combat aircraft and the Su-34‭ ‬frontline bomber‭.‬‭ ‬

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