General Dynamics to provide soldiers in Europe with a new system to disrupt signals

Light infantry Army units in Europe could soon be provided with an electronic attack capability to deny, degrade and disrupt enemy signals, an industry official said.
Army units are already using heavy and light prototypes of electronic warfare equipment as they wait for the service to select a more permanent solution. These prototypes include the Stryker-mounted Tactical Electronic Warfare System(TEWS), which provides both electronic support and electronic attack capabilities, and the Flyer 72-mounted Tactical Electronic Warfare Light(TEWL), which currently only provides electronic support. Both have been delivered to Europe and the Pacific.
However, TEWL will be getting an electronic attack capability soon, according to Terence Winn, director for tactical ISR at General Dynamics, the prime contractor for both systems.
Additionally, Winn said General Dynamics is in the process of producing more systems to be deployed to units in these theaters. This will include building nine more TEWSs and four more TEWLs.

Al Jundi

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