France unveils new generation Tank

The France-based company, Nexter systems, has unveild a new generation Enhanced Main Battle Tank (EMBT) at Le Bourget 2022 exhibition.
Nexter revealed that the new tank comes equipped with modern monitoring and communication systems, as well as advanced fire control systems.
The new promising tank was based on the platform design of the German “Leopard – 2” tank, which features a powerful engine that produces 1,500 horsepower and features an unmanned turret.
The Enhanced Main Battle Tank is equipped with the “Pilar V” ballistic protection system and the “Trophy” anti-guided missile protection system for armored vehicles.
Furthermore, the tank features an unmanned remote-controlled turret and a 30 mm automatic cannon, with a capacity of 150 shells.
The tank has a speed of 60 km / h, a range of 460 km, and weighs 61.5 tons, and experts say it will rival the Russian “T-14” Armata.

Al Jundi

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