France tests upgraded Rafale fighter

The press service of the French Ministry of Defense said that France has started flight tests of the F4-1 Rafale fighter.

Test flights were carried out in the presence of specialists from the main arms division of the Istres air base in the south of France.

During tests of the latest version of the Rafale F4-1, pilots and department staff carried out nearly 50 sorties.

During inspections, various situations related to realistic combat scenarios were developed.

According to Dassault Aviation, the upgraded Rafale F4-1 is capable of using Mica Next-Generation “air-to-air” missiles and Sagem Armement Air-Sol Modulaire precision “air-to-surface” munitions.

It should be noted that the communications, screens installed on the helmet, and the engine control unit have also been updated, according to the Bullet Ross website.

Al Jundi

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