France develops new military support ships for its navy

The Naval News website, which specializes in military affairs, reported that France is developing new support ships for its navy.

According to the information available, the Italian company Fincantieri has started the development of the main bow for the hull of a new ship of the Jacques Chevallier class, after which this bow will be sent to the French factory Chantiers de l’Atlantique to complete shipbuilding.

The length of each Jacques Chevallier ship is 194 meters, and its width is 27.6 meters, and it can sail at a speed of 19.8 knots, and transport a crew of 130 people. It has been equipped with equipment and cranes for transporting goods, cargo and military munitions, and tanks for transporting fuel to ships, vehicles and warplanes, and it was armed with RAPIDFire 40 mm artillery systems.


Al Jundi

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