F-35 simulators can now team up with other fighter sims for virtual combat

US Air Force F-35‭ ‬pilots at Nellis Air Force Base‭, ‬Nevada‭, ‬will now be able to step into a simulator and train alongside virtual‭ ‬F-16s‭, ‬F-15s and other aircraft‭, ‬a Lockheed Martin executive said‭. ‬US Air Combat Command formally accepted Lockheed’s Distributed Mission Training system after a final test done before‭. ‬During that test‭, ‬four F-35‭ ‬simulators at Nellis carried out a virtual mission with pilots in F-22‭, ‬F-16‭ ‬and E-3‭ ‬AWACs simulators at other bases‭, ‬said Chauncey McIntosh‭, ‬Lockheed’s vice president for F-35‭ ‬training and logistics‭. ‬The air force seeks 2020‭ ‬contract to integrate the F-35‭ ‬with a cutting-edge training tool‭. ‬To emulate complex Russian or Chinese threats‭, ‬the U.S‭. ‬Air Force and Navy are hoping to use virtual and simulated‭ ‬elements in live training‭.‬

Although F-35‭ ‬pilots in a simulator could previously train with up to three other F-35‭ ‬sims at the same site‭, ‬the DTS system allows for those pilots to fly digitally with a large number of varying types of aircraft‭, ‬as long as the simulators can operate on‭ ‬the same network‭. ‬

Al Jundi

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