Exalto Emirates participates in NAVDEX 2021

During the 5-day NAVDEX 2021 event, Exalto Emirates exhibited products ranging from low emission outboard engines, boat security systems, stabilizers and shock-absorbing seats, among other things. The OXE diesel outboard fulfils the NATO “single-fuel” directive and is an ideal solution for naval, military, oil and gas application.  

Some of the other ingenious products on display included SHOXS, the most advanced marine shock-mitigating suspension seat technology for military, law enforcement, commercial and recreational watercraft and vessels. 

Exalto Emirates also distributes the Scot Seats. Another gem in their range of products is BRNKL, a boat security system that provides three primary features including security, monitoring and global connectivity as it operates on a global cellular network. 

HamiltonJet waterjets that are at the forefront of waterjet propulsion technology and are known as one of the most advanced and innovative marine propulsion systems.

Al Jundi

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