“EDGE “launches the first group of Emirati rotor-wing systems at targets

EDGE, a group specializing in defence and advanced technology, launched the first group of the QX rotor-wing unmanned systems against multi-engine targets on February 21, 2021.

The “QX” group of helicopters includes four products: “QX-1”, “QX-2”, “QX-3”, which are drones of various sizes ranging from very small to medium. “QX” -4 is characterized by fixed wings and capable of vertical takeoff and landing. These precision-guided systems use complex artificial intelligence algorithms to target and strike with an accuracy, similar to guided laser munitions, of less than one meter. These products are designed to be launched in any environment or terrain, and the QX full range of unmanned aircraft are lightweight, portable, and have vertical take-off and landing capability.

Al Jundi

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