Destroyer «DDG 119» to support the maritime need of the US navy

Arleigh Burke-class Destroyer Delbert D‭. ‬Black has departed from Huntington Ingalls Industries’‭ ‬Ingalls Shipbuilding division‭, ‬sailing to its homeport in Mayport‭, ‬Florida‭. ‬The construction of the new Aegis destroyer has been completed recently‭. ‬Ingalls has delivered 32‭ ‬destroyers to the US Navy and currently has four more under construction‭. ‬Arleigh‭ ‬Burke-class destroyers are highly capable‭, ‬multi-mission ships and can conduct a variety of operations‭, ‬from peacetime presence‭ ‬and crisis management to sea control and power projection‭, ‬all in support of the United States military strategy‭. ‬Guided missile destroyers are capable of simultaneously fighting air‭, ‬surface and subsurface battles‭. ‬The ship contains myriad offensive and‭ ‬defensive weapons designed to support maritime defence needs well into the 21st century‭.

Al Jundi

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