Designing vessels to extend naval power and bolster maritime superiority

Established in 1995 as a national strategic asset for the UAE Navy and Coast Guard Forces, Abu Dhabi Ship Building (ADSB) has made impressive strides in becoming a regional leader in the design, new build and maintenance of state-of-the-art vessels for naval and commercial customers.
Having reinforced its in-house design capabilities, ADSB has developed a range of fast patrol boats that are entirely designed and built in the UAE, and is on track to launching its latest offshore patrol vessel (OPV) in the coming months. The Abu Dhabi-based shipbuilder is meeting the increased demand for sophisticated vessels with the key characteristics of range, speed and cost effective armament sufficient to counter the threats faced.
The 160 ITEP patrol boat, a 16 m inshore tactical and engagement platform, and 120 FIP interceptor, a 12 m fast inshore platform, provide key tactical capabilities to naval, security, and coast guard operations. The vessels are deployed in missions such as anti-smuggling, anti-piracy, fisheries protection, search and rescue (SAR), exclusive economic zone (EEZ) surveillance, and coastal patrol.
ADSB’s 16 m vessel delivers performance and endurance for high-speed pursuit and interception, in addition to a wide range of patrol operations. Fitted with two diesel inboard engines, the patrol boat offers a range of over 350 nautical miles and speeds up to 50 knots. Armament ranges from a manually operated 12.7 mm machine gun to a 30 mm cannon installed on a remote weapon station mounted on the superstructure. Surface-to-surface missile options are available and the rear deck can be configured for UAV operations.
Powered by two or three 400hp outboard engines according to customer requirement, 120 FIP can reach speeds exceeding 65 knots at full load, with exceptional manoeuvrability and stability. The 12 m vessel has a payload of up to two tonnes, allowing it to carry a remote-controlled weapon station or small missile systems if required.
ADSB’s vessels are of proven, standard design, though they are highly customisable and can be tailored according to specific operational requirements – including installation of weaponry and surveillance capabilities. With decades of experience and a slew of new designs and prototypes in the pipeline, ADSB is the primary trusted partner in strengthening the region’s maritime security.

Al Jundi

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