China unveils modern air defence system

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China-based “SAST” has unveiled a new variant of the HQ-16 air defence system called the HQ-16FE.

  • Range: 3.5 km to 160 km (against aircraft)
  • Altitude: from 15 m to 27 km
  • Final stage guidance SARH + ARH
  • Radar range: 250 km +
  • Cold vertical launch
  • 5 radars (1 for search + 4 for guidance)
  • The system can track 12 targets simultaneously and intercept 8 of them
  • Equipped with 6 missiles

The HQ-16FE’s missile has a weight of 650 kg, a length of 5.2 m, and a diameter of 0.34 m. It can intercept flying targets at altitudes ranging from 15 m to 18 km.

Al Jundi

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