China Unveils Lethal Anti-Aircraft Drone System

China has unveiled its advanced short-range air defence system, designated Type 625.

This system combines a self-propelled anti-aircraft gun (SPAAG) with a 25mm six-barrel Gatling gun and four short-range surface-to-air missiles mounted on a tactical eight-wheeled chassis.

The system incorporates 25 × 287mm ammunition, along with updated radar, computer systems, and data link technology. With its powerful defence capabilities against airborne threats, the Type 625 system provides a robust response to aerial challenges.

Installed on an 8×8 high-mobility wheeled chassis with a front-engine design, the Type 625 system includes a large combat unit equipped with Gatling machine guns, anti-aircraft missiles, and fire control systems, ensuring effective and versatile air defence capabilities.

Al Jundi

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