China tests guided military boats

China has announced the testing of remote-controlled small JARI-USV boats intended for military operations in seas and bodies of‭ ‬water‭.‬
According to experts at the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation‭, ‬developer of these boats‭, ‬JARI-USV boats were designed as military strike boats capable of handling ships‭, ‬warships‭, ‬submarines‭, ‬and even land and air targets‭.‬
These boats can also explore‭, ‬monitor and deal with various targets thanks to their advanced electro-optical radar systems‭, ‬and‭ ‬their armaments‭, ‬which include automatic 30‭ ‬mm machine guns‭, ‬torpedoes‭, ‬and 8‭ ‬high-precision guided missile launchers‭.‬
China displayed the first model of these boats at IDEX-2019‭, ‬and experts of the manufacturers explained that the length of the JARI-USV would be about 15‭ ‬meters‭, ‬weigh about 20‭ ‬tons‭, ‬and would be able to move at 42‭ ‬knots freely‭, ‬working at distances of up‭ ‬to 500‭ ‬miles‭. ‬

Al Jundi

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