China showcases heavy armored vehicles

The Chinese recently demonstrated a new, heavy multi-mission armored vehicle.

This vehicle, called TA2320, features distinctive desert camouflage.

It is highly maneuverable, and equipped with a bulletproof -glass cockpit, with rear four doors, behind which is the engine compartment.

It is also equipped with 8 windows in the landing compartment, some of which are configured to fire small arms, in addition to an entry and exit hole in the rear.

The lower design of this vehicle provides maximum protection against various types of mines and improvised explosive devices. Measures have been taken to reduce the possibility of fires in the fuel tanks.

The gross vehicle weight can reach 32,000 kg. Maximum speed on the highway is 105 km/h.

A feature of this weapon is that the armored vehicle can be integrated with an automatic system equipped with various special equipment and weapons.

Al Jundi

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