China officially unveils its sixth-generation fighter aircraft

At a time when the United States announced that it would unveil its sixth-generation fighter in 2029, China officially announced its sixth-generation fighter.

The design of the Chinese sixth-generation fighter was fully consistent with the concepts and the conceptual formula of the sixth-generation fighters announced by the United States, i.e. it would maintain the stealth feature and would work to strengthen it so that it would be stealthy from all directions from above and behind. To make it stealthy from behind, the Chinese would cancel the tail set in the sixth generation fighters, similar to the B-2 and B-21 bombers.

The new fighter will also be equipped with engines that enable it to fly and maneuver at greater speeds, and it will have a laser cannon to carry out offensive and defensive tasks, and it will be equipped with a radar that releases agile and fast electromagnetic waves that are difficult for counter systems to detect.

Al Jundi

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