China Launches World’s First Crewless Drone Carrier

China has launched the first unmanned drone-carrying mothership, which can be controlled remotely or utilize artificial intelligence to navigate autonomously in open water.

During recent tests, the autonomous ship succeeded in sailing independently for 12 hours and managed to bypass obstacles and automatically correct its course.

This new crewless ship is intended for marine scientific research purposes and research and reconnaissance missions, and it can carry more than 50 drones and unmanned boats and submarines.

This ship is 88.5 meters long, has a water displacement equivalent to 2,100 tons, and can move at a speed of 18 nautical knots.

In addition to its ability to carry drones and unmanned submarines, the ship is equipped with advanced technologies for surveying the seabed and collecting marine samples and carrying out marine research and reconnaissance missions.

Al Jundi

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