China is reviewing the takeoff of its naval aircraft from its new carrier

The aircraft carrier‭ ‬“Shandong”‭ ‬entered into the possession of the Chinese Navy on December 17‭, ‬2019‭.‬
Two days did not pass until the Chinese TV channel CCTVC7‭ ‬presented a press report on the departure of naval aircraft ‭.‬
It is noteworthy that‭ ‬“Shandong”‭ ‬is the first aircraft carrier manufactured in China‭, ‬which indicates‭, ‬according to Chinese military analyst‭, ‬Li Dizai‭, ‬the high‭ ‬capacity of the state and the high level in the field of warship production technologies in line with the large shipbuilding strategy applied in the country‭.‬
The analyst recalled that the construction of the aircraft carrier was launched in 2013‭ ‬and the ship will land at sea in 2017‭ .‬
According to the newspaper‭, ‬“Huanciao Qibao‭,‬”‭ ‬the entry of the aircraft carrier‭ ‬“Shandong”‭ ‬in the possession of the Chinese navy means that China has become for the first time in its history the owner of two aircraft carriers and ships accompanying them‭ .‬
It is noteworthy that China owns another aircraft carrier‭, ‬“Lianning”‭, ‬which was bought by Ukraine in the nineties of the last century and transferred from a training ship to a real combat ship‭ . ‬

Al Jundi

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