China invents a missile capable of disrupting enemy infrastructure

Chinese scientists have managed to create a missile that can completely disable the enemy’s infrastructure, and its speed is six times the speed of sound. The projectile emits a large-scale electromagnetic pulse that disables all electronic devices on a fairly large scale.

The missile has a range of 3000 km, but it covers this distance, given its enormous speed, in just 25 minutes. Which makes it impossible to detect, due to its presence in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Stealth provides the missile with a near-magical plasma cloak, which forms on the surface of the missile due to the ionization of the air by the heat generated during flight. The absence of a battery will allow the release of up to 95% of the power in just 10 seconds. All power is generated by super capacitors, whose specific power is 20 times greater than that of the battery itself.

Al Jundi

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