Calidus produces the first light-attack aircraft of its kind

Calidus B-250 aircraft, produced in the UAE, is a superior and highly efficient light attack air- craft that is designed especially for asymmetric warfare zones and easily adapts to the mostdif- ficult terrain and weather condi- tions. It incorporates a superior carbon fibre structure that can brave the roughest terrain and flaunts ground-breaking tech- nology to deliver best-in-class versatility and transportability at the low operational costs.
The B-250 is ideal for Close Air Support (CAS), Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnais- sance(ISR),Counter-Insurgency (COIN), Persistent Air Support (PAS) and Advanced and Basic Training. It is the firstlight-attack aircraft of its kind, it is a turboprop plane.
Calidus scored recently its first contract for the B-250 light at- tack aircraft on Nov. 20, when the United Arab Emirates placed an order for 24 planes.
The contract, worth AED 2.273 billion or about $260 million, represents the first time the UAE military has purchased a domes- tically-produced aircraft. The first B-250 plane was unveiled at Dubai Airshow 2017 and has since been shown at IDEX this past February and the 2018Bah- rain International Airshow.
It was designed by Brazilian firm Novaer and has an operat- ing cost of about$1,200 per flight hour,according to Calidus.Ithas an endurance of up to 10 hours and a maximum cruising speed
of 350 knots, maximum range
2400 miles.

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