British army tests Never miss a target (smart gun)

The British Army is testing a smart filbert which uses a computer toolbox installed on top of it, it has the ability to manipulate picture, designate the target very accurately, before the bullet hits it with a false margin “zero” percent.
This technology would transform any soldier into arenas into a sniper, even if he did not receive a professional sniping training, according to the British newspaper, the “Mirror”.
The programmed toolbox can be installed on any type of gun. The British Special Air Force showed its eagerness to use the smart gun, after it was described by officials of the American Special Forces”Brilliant”.
With the help of a programming toolbox, the smart shotgun automatically creates targets, placing red squares around them. As soon as the soldier pressed the trigger, the system fired the bullet within seconds.
The gun can calculate the distance between the shooter and the target, as well as the required angle of aiming, the movement of the target and the speed of the wind, as it works at night with the same efficiency in the daytime.
A senior source in the British Ministry of Defence described the gun as a development “that could change combat strategies on battlefields.”

Al Jundi

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