Brazil is developing a devastating cruise missile with a range of 300 km

Predeco newspaper, quoting Brazilian Defence Minister Fernando Azevedo and Silva, reported that Brazil is in the final stages of developing a cruise missile with a range of 300 km and an accuracy of 30 meters.

The Brazilian Minister noted:

“We are talking about the AV-TM 300 tactical cruise missile.”
According to the defence minister, this development will give the Brazilian military “a very significant deterrent force.”

The missile development in Brazil is part of the Astros 2020 project.
8.5 million US dollars were allotted to purchase a new defence system capable of launching this type of missile.

“There is not much left (for the AV-TM 300 missile) to supplement the artillery and rocket-propelled grenades of the Brazilian Armed Forces,” the minister said.

According to his expectations, the first deliveries are expected between 2021 and 2022.

It should be noted that the development of these missiles will be undertaken by the Brazilian company “Avibrás”.

Al Jundi

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