“BrahMos NG” Enters Production Phase

The Russian-Indian company “BrahMos Aerospace” has announced that the production of the winged missile “BrahMos NG” is set to commence by the end of 2025.

Developed as part of the joint Russian-Indian project BrahMos Aerospace, the BrahMos missiles are a modified version of the Russian naval “Onyx” missiles.

The first version of these missiles was tested in 2001, and various versions have been launched, with some reaching speeds of up to 3430 km/h.

Some of these missiles are currently in use in the Indian Air Force, Army, and Navy.

Additionally, in 2021, the Indian Air Force began testing a modified version of the BrahMos missiles that can strike targets at a distance of 300 km, for use with Sukhoi fighter jets.

Al Jundi

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