Bosch Presents Industry-First Camera Technology

Bosch Building Technologies has showcased its IP 3000i camera range that features industry-first smart surveillance capabilities‭ ‬at Intersec 2020‭ ‬in Dubai‭.‬
The Bosch IP 3000i portfolio is available in micro dome‭, ‬mini dome‭, ‬bullet and turret options for indoor and outdoor use‭. ‬This new camera range offers complete flexibility for everyday surveillance in standalone installations such as small retail stores or‭ ‬for general surveillance in commercial buildings‭, ‬offices and banks‭. ‬All Bosch IP 3000i outdoor models are rated IK10‭ ‬for high‭ ‬impact resistance and can withstand challenging weather conditions because of their IP66‭ ‬rating‭.‬
The cameras offer resolutions from 1080p up to five megapixels‭ (‬MP‭), ‬up to 30‭ ‬fps and a High Dynamic Range of 120dB‭. ‬The outdoor‭ ‬models have built-in infrared as standard‭, ‬enabling them to capture high-quality images‭ ‬–‭ ‬even in complete darkness‭. ‬Built for 24/7‭ ‬performance with a range of features‭, ‬the cameras have Essential Video Analytics built-in as standard‭. ‬Opening up new possibilities for IoT applications and smart data capture‭, ‬this feature helps improve security‭ ‬and supports in detecting situations such as blocked emergency exits or queue notification‭. ‬Bosch IP 3000i cameras offer Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction and intelligent streaming‭, ‬combined with H.265‭ ‬video compression‭. ‬This feature helps to keep video‭ ‬data manageable‭, ‬while substantially reducing network strain and storage requirements‭. ‬

Al Jundi

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