Boeing unveils a new concept of long-range air-to-air missile

Boeing has demonstrated a new design for its long-range air-to-air missile, the Long-Range Air-to-Air Missile, or LRAAM.

Boeing said the LRAAM provides an initial thrust of velocity, fully carrying the weapon to a certain range, at which point it drops away. Then another rocket-boosted motor in the front section propels it through the remainder of its flight.

The LRAAM has great speed and range, as well as a high degree of maneuverability in the terminal phase of engagement.

The expected additional maneuverability comes from the use of a separate killing vehicle, which reduces drag and weight, compared to a similarly sized single-stage weapon, throughout its flight.

Boeing said its view is that the LRAAM will not compete with existing registered air-to-air missile programs, noting that the company sees this weapon as providing additional capability to the Air Force.

Al Jundi

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