BEACON RED: Enhancing your organisation’s security resilience

With continuous advances and increased dependency on technology growing, businesses are exposed to an increased risk of cyber breaches and sophisticated attacks. The majority of organisations not only find it challenging to stay ahead of these attacks but also lack adequate capabilities necessary to respond to the continuous and persistent security threats. It comes as no surprise that maintaining a strong cybersecurity posture has never been more critical for government, defence and commercial infrastructure organisations.

Most organisations are now familiar with the tri-fold recipe of technology, process and people to maintain a good security posture. Considering that people play a major role on all 3 fronts, training is at the forefront of many cybersecurity strategies, with the growing need for rigorous hands-on training. BEACON RED, an advanced solutions-provider that focuses on solving national security problems and a subsidiary of EDGE Group, is tapping into that demand with its newly launched Range on Wheels (ROW) solution, which provides operators and analysts with the ability to simulate real-world environments and engage in all the aspects of dealing with the complexities of a cyberattack.

ROW is a portable, orchestrated and automated solution that provides organisations the ability to replicate their actual production environments, giving operators, analysts, and engineers the ability to not only train against simulated real world threats, but also validate and assess their security designs or conduct interoperability testing.  With a click of a button, it provides security operation teams with the technology and scenarios required to validate their maturity and ability to protect, detect and respond to the latest threats.

Much like a flight simulator, ROW allows security professionals to practice and perfect their skills in an environment that mimics real-life “battle-scenarios”.  This is similar to pilots, doctors, law enforcement agents or combat soldiers who spend hundreds of hours training in simulated environments to experience, and eventually master, real-life situations that require split second decision making, complex systems, team work and communication. ROW can create the same type of controlled training environments for cyber defenders.  It can not only help organisations train their staff but also assess the level of preparedness of the entire team, as well as each individual, so that managers can focus their training efforts on the right people.

BEACON RED created ROW to provide Middle Eastern clients the ability to safely replicate their production environments for a variety of reasons that extend beyond training. For instance, for critical infrastructure organisations that need to maintain a 24/7 operational environment, ROW can simulate the production environment to replicate the network down to the IP addresses, for various reasons such as integration testing all without hindering or interrupting operations with full orchestration and automation.

In addition to its state-of-the-art product portfolio, BEACON RED provides end-to-end professional services for cyber and defence customers, as well as advisory services to help clients evaluate their cybersecurity readiness. With a deep understanding of the region’s national security landscape, the specialist company provides various role-specific training programs and assistance for bespoke simulation, integration, training workshops, and train-the-trainer offerings.

BEACON RED is part of the Electronic Warfare & Intelligence cluster at EDGE Group, an advanced technology group for defense and beyond, which ranks among the top 25 military suppliers in the world.


Al Jundi

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