Bahrain… the first Arabian Gulf country to receive newest F-16 training simulators

Lockheed Martin announced its intention to Bahrain Will Be First to Receive Newest F-16 Training Simulators

Lockheed Martin will deliver full mission training suites reflecting the aircraft’s newest and most advanced production configuration.

Bahrain will receive F-16 simulators produced by Lockheed Martin to train pilots for national defense missions under a new agreement. Bahrain was the first country in the Gulf region to acquire the F-16 and the first in the world to procure the advanced F-16 Block 70.

Bahrain will have a fleet of 16 F-16s, which is the world’s most successful combat-proven multirole fighter. It builds interoperable capabilities within air forces, enhancing partnerships with allies and supporting national defense and security for nations around the world.

The latest generation Lockheed Martin F-16 training suite allows aviators to train in a holistic, realistic environment, which ensures mission readiness

Al Jundi

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