BAE Systems to provide U.S. Navy with APKWS laser-guided rockets

BAE Systems announced lately that the U.S‭. ‬Navy has signed a‭ $‬2.68‭ ‬billion indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contract for‭ ‬the purchase of thousands of additional APKWS®‭ ‬Laser-Guided Rockets‭, ‬the company’s combat-proven‭, ‬low-cost precision munition‭, ‬a‭ ‬demand for precision strike capabilities that empower and protect warfighters while reducing collateral damage‭.‬
‭ ‬“APKWS rockets provide warfighters with the unique ability to precisely engage targets without excessive force‭, ‬reducing the risk‭ ‬to nearby forces‭, ‬civilians‭, ‬and assets‭. ‬
2.75”‭ ‬laser-guided APKWS rockets fill the gap between unguided rockets and large precision munitions‭. ‬APKWS guidance kits are compatible with new inventories of rocket motors‭, ‬warheads‭, ‬and launchers‭, ‬and easily transform unguided rockets into precision munitions with little training‭.‬
The APKWS laser-guided rocket is used by the U.S‭. ‬Navy‭, ‬U.S‭. ‬Marine Corps‭, ‬U.S‭. ‬Air Force‭, ‬and U.S‭. ‬Army‭, ‬and is available to allied nations via Foreign Military Sales‭. ‬

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