BAE Systems submits proposal for US Army’s CATV program

BAE Systems has submitted a proposal to the U.S‭. ‬Army for the delivery of two prototype vehicles for the Cold Weather All-Terrain Vehicle‭ (‬CATV‭) ‬program‭. ‬BAE Systems is offering its Beowulf platform as a production ready vehicle capable of operating in arctic environments and in all types of terrain for the movement of personnel and cargo under the most remote and harshest conditions‭.‬

Beowulf is an unarmored‭, ‬highly versatile articulated tracked vehicle for carrying cargo and personnel in either of its two compartments‭. ‬Its modular design allows it to be reconfigured for multiple mission scenarios‭, ‬including logistical support‭, ‬disaster‭ ‬and humanitarian relief‭, ‬search and rescue‭, ‬and a number of other mission types‭.‬

Al Jundi

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