BAE Systems proposes ARCHER howitzer to US army

BAE Systems proposed ARCHER howitzers in response to the US Army’s request to submit proposals for a 155mm wheeled artillery system‭. ‬BAE Systems says it is offering ARCHER to participate in US‭ ‬Army’s plans to conduct a‭ ‬“firing”‭ ‬assessment early next year in Arizona‭.‬

Chris King‭, ‬Director of Business Development at BAE Systems‭, ‬said that the‭ “‬ARCHER‭” ‬system is highly mobile‭, ‬mature and proven that can rapidly enter combat and strike enemy targets at long distances‭, ‬with a high rate of‭, ‬and is designed to fight against powerful opponents‭.‬

ARCHER can fire within 30‭ ‬seconds of receiving the command‭, ‬and it can then leave the firing position within 30‭ ‬seconds‭, ‬which reduces the enemy’s ability to respond effectively to fire‭, ‬and its magazine can hold 21‭ ‬rounds and can fire them all in less than three minutes‭. ‬ARCHER fires BONUS anti-armor ammunition at ranges of up to 35‭ ‬km‭. ‬ARCHER is manufactured by BAE Systems Bofors‭, ‬based in Karlskoga‭, ‬Sweden‭..‬

Al Jundi

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