Australia Reinforces Defence Capabilities with New Laser Weapon

Australia’s Defence Forces have acquired a new laser weapon capable of shooting down over 50 drones on a single charge, marking a significant advancement in its defensive arsenal.

The portable weapon, known as Fractl:2, can generate enough power to melt steel, according to its manufacturer, AIM Defense.

Additionally, it can accurately track and take down drones flying at speeds of up to 100 kilometres per hour.

Upon its delivery in mid-2024, the directed energy system is expected to bolster Canberra’s air defence capabilities while reducing the need for conventional ammunition to neutralise stealth drones.

Developed in 2019, the battery-powered Fractl:2 can be mounted on a tripod or plugged into a wall socket for continuous operation.

This innovation signifies a strategic leap forward for Australia’s military preparedness, demonstrating its commitment to staying at the forefront of modern defence technology.

Al Jundi

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