Arianespace announces the date of the next mission of its new missile

Arianespace announced that its latest Ariane 6‭ ‬missile will be used on a mission to launch a new satellite into Earth orbits‭.‬
Arianespace and Intelsat recently signed an agreement to launch 3‭ ‬satellites into Earth orbit‭, ‬namely‭, ‬Galaxy 35‭, ‬Galaxy 36‭ ‬and‭ ‬Galaxy 37‭. ‬The first two satellites are supposed to launch into space together in 2022‭, ‬while the third moon‭, ‬Galaxy 37‭, ‬is assumed to be sent into orbit in 2023‭. ‬The two aforementioned satellite launch operations will be carried out from the European space airport in South America‭, ‬and the Ariane 5‭ ‬missile will be used for the first operation‭, ‬and the second operation will use the‭ ‬modern Ariane 6‭ ‬missile
According to the available information‭, ‬the three aforementioned satellites are supposed to act as communications satellites to‭ ‬secure the transmission of data to various regions of the Earth‭, ‬and to contribute to supporting the work of the fifth-generation cellular networks in the United States‭.

Al Jundi

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