An unarmored, multi-role four-wheel-drive vehicle from Strela

The leadership of the Russian army asked the military industry to manufacture a non-armored, multi-role four-wheel-drive vehicle for it to be used for military purposes.

The new four-wheel-drive vehicle will be designed on the basis of the Russian “Strela” family of vehicles, which currently includes basic armored and amphibious armored vehicles. In the future, this family is expected to include, in addition to the two aforementioned vehicles, 4 new vehicles, including non-armored cars. There is a light armored Buggy vehicle for the special forces and armored and unarmored platforms on which various models of weapons are mounted, as well as an unarmored multi-purpose four-wheel drive vehicle that can be maintained in civilian maintenance stations, unlike the well-known “Tigger” armored vehicle, which is subject to maintenance only in special military maintenance stations.

Al Jundi

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